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Walk In Bathtub Tips

  • » Typically turnaround time should be a couple of weeks, not months.
  • » How does the warranty work?
  • » Make sure the person selling you your tub finds out your weight and height to determine which tub is right for you
  • » Don't buy a walk in bathtub over the internet 
  • » Make sure you know who makes the jetting system

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  • » Your information will always be protected and secure.
  • » Walk in bathtubs keep you independent at home.
  • » You will enjoy bathing again!
  • » Eliminate the need for assisted living and keep the ability of independent bathing.

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"Larry helped me through choosing, buying, and installing the walk in bathtub for my mom, now my mom finally enjoys bathing again."

Jess, NC

"Larry got me the right Walk in Bathtub for my wife and had it installed with in 7 days"

Todd, NC

"My mom can now bathe again without her fear of slipping and falling."

Jenna, NC

Why Use The North Carolina Walk In Bathtub Company?

  • » Have a single point of contact for the entire process.  You sit back and relax.  We'll take care of everything
  • » Buy from an aging in place specialist.
  • » Local representation for questions before, during and after the installation
  • » All licenses and insurance requirements in place
  • » Installations usually only take one day.